Just Desserts, Puddings Galore

desOur family goes in for puddings for special occasions and Sunday lunches. We don’t have them every day, so when we do, we want it all: comforting over-indulgence at its best – no refined twiddles of patisserie here, though we don’t do the steamed, stodgy stuff either. We have a number of recipes that are firm family favourites and have to be considered and a waiting list of recipes from cookbooks to try – so puddings oust the main course as the focus of debate and decision-making.

The occasion dictates the main course – roast lamb for Easter, turkey and gammon for Christmas, no dilemmas there. Selecting just a few puddings from the family repertoire, though, is an agonising process. Christmas and New Year close together eases the dilemma…what we don’t have for Christmas, we can do for New Year’s Eve, but on other occasions leaving out a particular favourite recipe is too hard. We often end up with a selection of four puddings (though, before you are too horrified, we are usually feeding twelve or more people) and as a result feel stuffed to the gills afterwards,

Matzo Provides Sweet Ending in Passover Desserts

15Matzo is a symbol of Passover because those crisp squares of unleavened bread speak of a millennia-old flight from Egypt so sudden there was no time for dough to rise. Matzo can be delicious — I love smearing it with softened butter for a snack — but matzo poses a challenge too. Besides placing it in a position of honor on the Seder table, what can you do with matzo over the eight days when foods made with grains and certain other ingredients are prohibited? There’s always dessert, at least for those whose faith traditions allow cooking with matzo.

“I use matzo for a lot of things. Mostly cakes,” says Estee Kafra, the Toronto-based author of “Cooking Inspired” (Feldheim, $35.99) and the woman behind KosherScoop.com, a recipe website. There are hundreds of cake recipes using ground matzo meal, she notes. But there’s also chocolate-covered matzo adorned with nuts or matzo spread with a favorite jam. Kafra even makes a granola using smashed up matzo, dried fruit and nuts.

Chocolate And Raspberry Cake an Elegant Dessert

14Paul Lowe, the kitchen craft and cooking maven, has penned a new book, “Sweet Paul Eat and Make” (Rux Martin/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014). If you’re not familiar with his online or quarterly print magazine, Sweet Paul, you’ll be taken with this treasure trove of recipes like Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Raspberries, Pasta with Chunky Pesto, and Maple Roasted Granola. The book includes craft projects such as making jam jar vases and different kinds of votives. It’s a fun book to read. It’s organized by time of day, and its recipes are both creative and readily approachable.

This cake is a perfect example. It’s an elegant dessert made to impress without a lot of fuss. It has a deep, rich flavor that is not too sweet. As Lowe explains, the raspberries “sink slightly into the cake while it bakes, creating pockets of intense flavor.”

When I made this for a dinner party, I found the instructions easy to follow. Yes, it has lots of butter, but that’s what makes it so

Using your roof to stay dry

Many people think that the most complicated invention that has ever been devised and fully created is the roof that goes on all of the human homes. It has been stated by some scientists that there might have been cavemen way back in the day that used a roof to keep them dry from the rain that would occasionally fall from the sky and attempt to drench these people. Thus, it could be stated that the roof is an idea that has always existed, and never really needed to be invention in any major way. roofing companies watkinsville ga believes this to be the case, and would have a hard time being convinced other wise.

Matzo Provides Sweet Ending in Passover Desserts

March 2, 2015 Photograph of a chocolate matzah layer cake photographed at the home of Florence Steinberger. MICHAEL SEARS/MSEARS@JOURNALSENTINEL.COMMatzo is a symbol of Passover because those crisp squares of unleavened bread speak of a millennia-old flight from Egypt so sudden there was no time for dough to rise. Matzo can be delicious — I love smearing it with softened butter for a snack — but matzo poses a challenge too. Besides placing it in a position of honor on the Seder table, what can you do with matzo over the eight days when foods made with grains and certain other ingredients are prohibited? There’s always dessert, at least for those whose faith traditions allow cooking with matzo.

“I use matzo for a lot of things. Mostly cakes,” says Estee Kafra, the Toronto-based author of “Cooking Inspired” (Feldheim, $35.99) and the woman behind KosherScoop.com, a recipe website. There are hundreds of cake recipes using ground matzo meal, she notes.

But there’s also chocolate-covered matzo adorned with nuts

Strawberry Banana Crumble

12One of the great things about strawberries is how well they pair with other fruits. One of my favorite combinations is strawberry and banana. It’s perfect for smoothies, yogurt and even ice cream. I figured, why not put these two together and make it into an irresistible crumble? What a good idea that was. It is delicious. And the topping … I could eat it by the bowlful.

I washed my strawberries, hulled them and cut them into quarters lengthwise. This keeps them mostly intact as they bubble away in the oven. I decided to use my smallest cast iron skillet for this rustic dessert. I love the way it heats up and keeps things warm once removed from the oven. My whole family loved this dessert.

It’s the perfect ending to a summer meal such as fried chicken. Vanilla ice cream is an absolute must on top of this dessert, especially when warm.

Strawberry-Banana Crumble :

Serves 8.

  • 4 cups hulled and

Destinations And Their Desserts

11Most destinations have at least one signature dessert – that one confection that they do so well, you can taste history in every bite. It’s impossible to list all of the world’s best desserts, but here is a shortlist of six cities and their famous sweet treats. Dig in:

Turkish Delight in İstanbul

‘Original shop that created Turkish delight’ by rg-fotos. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence

Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir was the most famous of all Ottoman confectioners. He came to İstanbul from the mountain town of Kastamonu in 1777 and opened a shop in the Old City where he concocted delicious boiled sweets and the translucent jellied jewels known to Turks as lokum – and to the rest of the world as Turkish Delight. Today, locals still buy their lokum from branches of the business he began over two centuries ago.

The flagship store of Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir is located near the Spice Bazaar. There are also stores on İstiklal Caddesi and in the produce market at Kadıköy. A more recent family dynasty

Why You Always Have Room For Dessert

10Most of us can testify to it. After two or three heaping portions of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and Waldorf salad you’re bursting at the seams. You’re so sated that you had to discretely place a crumpled napkin over that uneaten turkey wing on your plate.

But when panna cotta or the plum pudding arrives at the table you miraculously have room for that too.

This wondrous dessert miracle has now been given a physiological explanation.

The sugar in sweet foods stimulates a reflex that expands your stomach, writes senior researcher Arnold Berstad and assistant doctor Jørgen Valeur from Lovisenberg Diakonale Hospital in the latest issue  of The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association.

“If you eat dessert after you’re actually feeling stuffed you’re tricking your normal sensation of being full,” they argue.

Your stomach is flexible

The stomach is a flexible organ. When you consume a large meal the walls of the upper section of the stomach relax to make room for the food.

How Sugar and Fat Trick the Brain into Wanting More Food

9Matthew Brien has struggled with overeating for the past 20 years. At age 24, he stood at 5′10′′ and weighed a trim 135 pounds. Today the licensed massage therapist tips the scales at 230 pounds and finds it particularly difficult to resist bread, pasta, soda, cookies and ice cream—especially those dense pints stuffed with almonds and chocolate chunks. He has tried various weight-loss programs that limit food portions, but he can never keep it up for long. “It’s almost subconscious,” he says. “Dinner is done? Okay, I am going to have dessert. Maybe someone else can have just two scoops of ice cream, but I am going to have the whole damn [container]. I can’t shut those feelings down.”

Eating for the sake of pleasure, rather than survival, is nothing new. But only in the past several years have researchers come to understand deeply how certain foods—particularly fats and sweets—actually change brain chemistry in a way that drives some people to overconsume.

Scientists have a relatively new name for such cravings: hedonic hunger,

Sweet Revolution Dessert

8Just a year ago, I gave up sweets. I was in a restaurant in San Francisco, and, for the first time that I can recall, when the waiter said, “Dessert?,” in that conspiratorial, perky way waiters have, I said . . . nothing. And then the next night, at another place, I did it again.

The usual reasons that move men and women as they age moved me: I was self-conscious about gaining weight, crossing into the world where you slowly become doughier and wake up as a middle-aged man with a paunch. So I decided to stop eating desserts, to see if that would help. Like all diets, both the reducing kind and the religious kind, mine had an element of logic (lose those calories neatly, and at once!) and an element of magic, too (give up the thing you like best and you will appease the gods of aging). I love desserts. I think of my mother and I taste desserts. My mother, though a scientist with an academic career, made a different dessert

Best Desserts in Town

7There’s no denying that desserts play a huge part in Turkish culture. Quite literally anywhere you look around the city, you’re bound to find a tempting treat beckoning you to just taste it. But how do you know where to go for the ultimate in desserts – whether they’re the syrupy, calorie-laden sweets this country’s famous for or their more international counterparts? We asked Mert Alkaya, whose passion for great dessert has turned him into a veritable expert on the best that Istanbul has to offer

Seval Pastanesi

Osmanlı acıbadem

I prefer to think of the 54-yearold Seval Pastanesi in Çengelköy as the ‘temple of desserts’. They’re unbeatable when it comes to Osmanlı acıbadem, or bitter almond cookie. This is only one of the desserts at Seval Pastanesi that are made with 300-year-old recipes from a work titled ‘Aşçıların Sığınağı’ (‘The Cooks’ Bunker’), pulled out of an Ottoman archive that Prof. Dr. Artun Ünsal shared with Seval Pastanesi.


The 9 Most Unanswered Questions about Options

How to Use a Deep Fryer Correctly

Many people are overwhelmed by the task of buying a deep fryer. By taking into account a buyer’s guide, it will be easier to buy a deep fryer. Owning a deep fryer is crucial for those who own a restaurant. There is a plethora of deep fryer models in the market today. One of the most fundamental things to consider before purchasing a deep fryer is the type of food that will be cooked. When the client intends to prepare a huge variety of food, it is important to purchase more than one unit. Before purchasing the deep fryer, the client has to consider the quantity of food that will be prepared.

When the food is meant to be consumed by many people, a large deep fryer should be purchased by the client. A powerful deep fryer is more suitable when cooking for many people. It is crucial for the client to consider the tank capacity in advance when purchasing the deep fryer. It is important for the client to determine if there are any space constraints in the house. The electric deep fryer is more suitable when there is small space in

A Basic Tutorial to Acquiring the Garage Door You Would Like

Some sort of garage front door isn’t a thing homeowners acquire very frequently, so an individual may not really know just how to strategy the procedure. To stay away from the highs and lows of typically the unknown, many of us asked very rated garage area door professionals what buyers should maintain in head. To find out more, view this specific imp source.

Exactly how much perform the the majority of popular garage area door models cost? Each and every house possesses a tad of figure, so high light it using the excellent garage front door. Do anyone want some sort of classic seem or tend to be you seeking for some thing more modern-day, or also rustic? Identifying your house’s model will certainly help emphasis your choices. An individual can also check here.

When picking out a fresh garage entrance, consider choosing with the particular entry front door for a overall natural look. Should an individual buy a good insulated car port door? The majority of garages aren’t heated, yet your car port door nonetheless impacts your own personal home’s electricity performance. Structure materials and also insulation technological innovation for garage area doors get improved substantially over the actual

Turkish Sweets Are the Essence of a Nation

6On a recent trip to Istanbul, I crossed the Bosporus by ferry, watching dusk fall over historic Sultanahmet and silhouette the skinny minarets that frame Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. To my right, illuminated in the distance, loomed modern skyscrapers. Sea gulls swirled overhead amid emerging stars, diving for bits of bagel-like simit tossed to them from the deck.

It was a grand and dreamy vista. But for me, Istanbul was summed up less by that iconic ferry view than in the saucer of baklava I ate on the other side.

Purchased at the esteemed bakery Karakoy Gulluoglu, it was exquisite, tinted green with pistachios and smeared with thick clotted buffalo cream called kaymak.

But it was also more than that: a square the size of four mosaic tiles that joined Turkic, Byzantine, Islamic and Persian influences, with myriad layers recalling the city’s long history and the mingling (and sometimes clashing) of cultures from empire to republic. Even in times of conflict, food has always been a relatively safe

Avenues Open for House Owners to Discover Brand-new Light Fixtures

Completely new householders, particularly people which acquire beginning houses, or even pre-existing residences in a development regularly find that they definitely are not happy with the precise light fixtures which arrived with the property. This frequently is really because building contractors, when they are constructing a number of homes on one occasion, will be able to acquire more desirable discounts by buying inexpensive light fixtures in big amounts. Therefore, not merely may the latest homeowner possess fixtures that shout “economy,” but they also must deal with the truth that their fixtures are exactly like those that are in the house on every side of them, and also down the street.

Therefore, these persons decide to substitute their own light fixtures. That provides its very own issues, having said that, as usually, custom made lighting fixtures are as expensive as they might seem. This, therefore, means that the house owner either has got to outlay a large sum of revenue to change out all of his fixtures, or perhaps that they can only pay to be able to redo the particular fixtures in just one room at the time. Thankfully, there’s a 3rd option which is frequently disregarded. Not many individuals realize

Fleurie and Morgon Greatness if Not Gravitas

5It’s no secret that the Beaujolais region is not what it was. But what it was depends on how far back you want to go.

For much of its commercial life, Beaujolais was known as the ultimate vin de soif, that is, fresh, delicious, thirst-quenching wine to be guzzled by the pitcherful. By the 1980s, those days seemed long gone.

Kermit Lynch, the American importer and writer, lamented in his 1988 book, “Adventures on the Wine Route: A Wine Buyer’s Tour of France,” that the lively low-alcohol wine he knew and treasured as Beaujolais could no longer be found. Instead, much of the wine in the region was going into a commodity called Beaujolais Nouveau, after the quaint local tradition of using a small portion of the new harvest to make an early-drinking wine for end-of-the-year festivals and celebrations.

The global rise in popularity of Beaujolais Nouveau, more akin to an alcoholic soft drink than a fresh wine, transformed the local wine economy. Then the collapse of the Nouveau fad nearly killed it.

What pointed

What Has Changed Recently With Resources?

What is Espresso Coffee and Steps on How to Make it

The coffee variant that uses a high pressure brew is called espresso. The term espresso came from the word express because espresso has a fast making process. It has a fast making process because it uses an espresso machine. The coffee beans that is used to make espresso coffee are more finer than the coffee beans for regular coffee.

Espresso is usually made in a coffee shop by experts because it is hard to brew a perfect espresso at home. It is better to make espresso in coffee shops because they have the proper equipment. They defined espresso as a social experience because they only serve it in coffee shops. It could be quite exhausting to go to coffee shops everytime you want to drink an espresso. Espresso coffee has more caffeine than regular coffee that is why it is smaller.

A guide in making perfect espresso at home:

Making a perfect espresso coffee usually needs a little practice. Espresso is an exotic coffee but it is the simplest type of exotic coffee. You just have to follow the correct steps in brewing and make use of an

Actions To Prep For Mending Your Home Appliance

Lots more people than previously are speaking concerning their own personal do-it-yourself repair plus upgrading their property. This specific increase in the do-it-yourself industry means there are more content regarding the best way to achieve things plus more high-quality repair parts for the ordinary do-it-yourselfer. Though, before you’ll get started repairing your own kitchen appliances or some other products in your home, there is a handful of things you are going to have to have. Make sure you have everything prior to getting started so that you won’t have to stop in the center of the restoration for another component or perhaps a totally different tool.

Initially, you are going to need to have a good guide concerning how to restore the appliance. You can try an inquiry on one of the major search engines and then click to investigate the outcomes. Search for tutorials which are full and ones that have step-by-step guidelines along with photos to make certain they are easy to follow.

Next, you will need to try to find the proper components. Your guide should have a summary of parts that’ll be needed. It is possible to look on front page of the retailer that provides

Peppermint Patties Worthy of Dessert

4We are a family of mint lovers, from the herbs on the deck to the tea in the cabinet to an entire drawer full of Altoids and Tic Tacs.

Given this predilection, it makes perfect sense that homemade peppermint patties are an entrenched part of my candy-making repertoire.

They are actually a cinch to do. The white creamy filling is mostly confectioners’ sugar — similar to buttercream frosting but with a higher percentage of sugar to butter, and spiked with a heady dose of peppermint extract.

Once the filling is mixed, you roll it out between pieces of parchment paper, then cut round patties. It does take time to dip the creamy patties in melted chocolate to coat them, but it’s not so much difficult as it is slow going.

As good as classic peppermint patties are, the basic recipe lends itself to variation. In this version, I plop the

Why No One Talks About Oats Anymore

Overnight Oats in a Jar

Since breakfast is known as the most important meal in a day, we must eat our breakfast every morning but this is not what is happening because most of us would usually get dress and head to work every morning. The overnight oat in a jar is a big help for you if you want to eat breakfast early in the morning and you do not have time to prepare because this meal is prepared overnight in the fridge.

The overnight oat in a jar is very easy and simple to make because all you need to do is put the oat inside the jar together with your favorite toppings and milk and place it inside the fridge overnight so that it can be eaten in the morning. There are many kinds of recipes for an overnight oat jar and the first thing that you are going to do is place or put classic oat inside the jar and if your jar has a lid when you put it in the fridge then you can bring this with you in the office.

Milk, coconut milk, rice milk, soya milk, almond milk, orange juice or even

Why Vacuums Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Saving Your Money and Food Every kitchen needs certain appliances. Of course your kitchen obviously needs a refrigerator, oven, and sink. While these appliances are necessary for the proper functioning of your kitchen, there are other appliances that can help save you money. An appliance that saves you money is a lot more valuable than you may think when you consider the average cost of a grocery bill. Usefulness and money saving abilities is what makes a vacuum sealer such a good investment. A vacuum sealer serves multiple purposes in a kitchen. This is what makes it such an essential feature to have in your kitchen. A vacuum sealer is a good investment that has the potential to pay for itself. A vacuum sealer is able to keep your food fresh for longer periods of time, which can end up saving you a lot of money. By being able to safely store food for longer periods of time, you will not have to make as many trips to the grocery store which in turn saves you time. Not only will a vacuum sealer keep food fresh in your refrigerator or freezer, but it also keeps